5 Signs You May Need Heater Repair Services

Posted on: November 2, 2018

If you are afraid your heater could break down at any point, then maybe you should become familiar with the warning signs. Having to fix a heating system is never an exciting idea, but it is worse when the system has failed completely. It may even require a professional to come after-hours or on an emergency basis, which can be quite expensive.

Experts emphasize the importance of fixing a problem early to prevent unexpected system failures and expensive repair charges. Additionally, the earlier you repair the system, the less your monthly expenses may be. It also increases the durability of the heating system.

Do you need heater repair services?

Here are a few signs that you may need repair services sooner than you thought.

1. Strange noises from the cabinet or vents

The difficult aspect of discovering problems with the heating system is how easy it is to overlook issues when they are not interfering with our activities. A strange noise coming from the furnace may not exactly disturb you, especially if you rarely sit near the furnace.

It could be a signal of a serious problem. A buzzing noise could mean an electrical issue, and a screech could indicate a failing belt that may snap at any time. A pop or bang may be fatal and could ultimately affect the heat exchanger.

2. Your heating expenses keep increasing

It is entirely reasonable for your heating bills to increase as the weather becomes cold. This means the heater will be working for more extended hours.

However, if it appears that you are paying much more than the previous year, something may be wrong. Most often, you will discover that your heater is working continuously without powering off. If that is that case, call a repair service.

3. The thermostat is not going as high as you want

If you discover that your heating system is not as warm as you want, despite turning the thermostat all the way up, then there is an issue. The problem is likely not with the thermostat. The heating system is continually working, attempting to meet your preferences, and this makes the parts wear out faster than normal. It cannot reach the desired heat because of this degradation. It is important to contact heating professionals before the system dies.

4. You realize short, sporadic cycling

This phenomenon is called “short-cycling,” and you should never neglect it. Short cycles in an air conditioner mean that the system is not operating long enough to finish a heating cycle. Worse still, it is consuming a large amount of energy each time the system halts, starts and halts again.

5. The pilot light turns yellow

You may think that the flame should be yellow, but that is incorrect. The burner light should be consistently blue. If not, the fuel source may have some substances that impair normal operation and safety. Stop the heater if you discover flame discoloration.

When to call the experts?

Call us if you have any of the above issues to get heater repair services. Not only will your furnace stop working, but a dangerous accident can occur as well. Describe your problem, and our team will create a way to correct the issue.

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