A Heat Pump Could Save You Money on Your Heating and Cooling

Posted on: March 15, 2018

When it comes to heating and cooling, most homeowners are unaware of what the options are for keeping their home at an even temperature. One of the options that we sometimes incorporate and install is a heat pump. A heat pump is a device that is designed to move energy by absorbing heat and transferring it to other areas of the house. Unlike a furnace, which is designed to generate heat, a heat pump absorbs it.

Therefore, it can use less energy than a furnace, thereby saving homeowners money on their monthly heating and cooling bills. Keep in mind, they are constantly transferring air to help reach the desired temperature in the house in both the hot and cold seasons. But again, since they are not generating hot or cool air, but simply transferring it, it can save someone a large amount of money.

Some homes can benefit by using a heat pump only for their heating and cooling needs, but this is really just in moderate climates. In most homes, a heat pump is used in conjunction with a traditional furnace and air conditioning unit. Making a pump part of this process can help to reduce long-term heating and cooling costs. Also, it means that the furnace and air conditioner will not need to work as hard or as often which could potentially increase their total lifespan. As a result, homeowners could also save money in long-term replacement costs.

Why don't most homes have a heat pump?

We have found that the majority of homeowners are simply unaware of this option and therefore do not consider it when evaluating their heating and cooling needs. As such, we take the time to educate our clients about this option if we feel that it would provide significant benefits by way of long-term and short-term cost savings. It is also important to note that homes that are very small may not need this since it does not take a lot to heat or cool them. Larger homes are going to experience the greatest benefit and the greatest savings by having a heat pump installed.

Can a heat pump be added after the fact?

Yes, it is possible for us to make modifications to the existing HVAC unit and add a heat pump even after the home is built or the remodel is complete. Naturally, it is ideal to handle all HVAC matters during the initial construction but since an HVAC unit is not designed to last forever, it is quite common to change or upgrade them decades later. Installing a heat pump at that time is something that we can certainly do.

What does it cost to get a new heat pump?

We will be happy to provide estimates for any of your heating and cooling needs, including the addition of a heat pump. However, to do so we will need to come out to the house and make a determination about which type of unit, size of unit and solutions would be best suited for that particular space. Then, we can provide a detailed estimate that includes the cost of the unit and the labor involved with installing it.

Find out if a heat pump could save you money

Give us a call to schedule an appointment to find out if installing a heat pump would save you money on your heating and cooling costs. We will be happy to provide more information on this and any of our services so call today.