A Commercial Leak Detection Can Prevent Damage to the Building

Posted on: July 2, 2018

Commercial leak detection services may be needed at some point in time during the ownership or usage of a commercial building. Most commercial buildings are so large, plumbing issues, regardless of size, can be hard to find and the source of the problem even harder to locate. Water damage may be visible, but that does not mean that it will be easy to determine what is leaking, how far the water is traveling, or the right way to fix the issue. As a result, even seasoned building managers call professional plumbers for help.

Commercial leak detection is the first step in fixing the problem

If a leak is suspected for any reason, it is essential to schedule a leak detection service as soon as possible. When a leak is not immediately fixed, it always gets bigger and causes more water damage, more repair costs and could sometimes lead to the malfunction of a plumbing system as a whole.

We use non-invasive methods to find the source of the leak

Non-invasive leak detection methods are important when trying to run a business while also pinpointing the location of a leak. Limiting property damage and distractions is critical for operations. We understand this and use modern methods to find the leak. Gas tracing, thermal imaging, pressure testing, microphones, cameras and moisture meters are only a few of the techniques we can use to determine the location of a small or large pipe leak.

Other leaks can be fixed as well

In addition to pipe leaks, commercial buildings face other types of pesky leaks as well, like toilet and faucet leaks. While less of a danger to a building and plumbing system, these types of smaller holes are still frustrating, annoying to listen to and they can be costly. Customers and clients find leaky toilets and faucets unappealing, and the constant dripping leads to more water use. Leaky toilets often leave an unsightly puddle on the floor that could cause water damage to the flooring and boards underneath.

A variety of things could cause a toilet to leak. Clogs, cracks in the tank or a poorly sealed wax ring around the base are all potential causes, but a professional plumber can determine precisely what the problem is. Worn rubber washers typically cause leaky faucets, but they could have other sources as well. While these types of leaks are not quite as severe, they should still be taken care of as soon as possible, so they do not worsen and cause more significant issues.

Leak repairs

If a leak is discovered, a permanent repair must be made to stop the leak. Most people do not have the means to do this without professional help nor should they try. We offer complete plumbing services, from inspection and detection to same day repairs.

Call us for help right away

If you fear there could be a leak in your building, scheduling our detection services will help you to carry on with business as usual and limit damage to the building. We have the tools, the knowledge, and the experience to find and repair leaks efficiently without disturbing your business.

Schedule an appointment today for commercial leak detection to salvage your plumbing system and keep your business running as smoothly as possible.

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