Reasons to Schedule Your Air Conditioning Repair ASAP

Posted on: July 15, 2018

air conditioning repair

If you are in need of an air conditioning repair or system maintenance, it is best to have these services performed as soon as possible. Letting broken components, clogged up filters and refrigerant leaks sit can lead to bigger problems and could even cause the demise of your HVAC system. A fast repair can prevent this.

Signs that it is time to schedule a repair

If the HVAC system is acting up or electric bills have been higher than normal, it may be time to reach out for an inspection and maintenance. Even if the system is functioning well at the moment, it is beneficial to know what common problems to watch out for in case of future issues.

Common HVAC problems and the risk of not fixing them

1. The condensation pump could go out and cause water damage within the house

The condensation pump on most air conditioners breaks at some point in the life of the system. This causes water to not drain properly, resulting in pooling. If an HVAC unit is near the foundation of a home or next to a basement, it can cause water damage to the outside and inside of the house. Pooling water also slows down the function of the system, leading to an overworked air conditioning unit and other expensive repairs. If a condensation pump repair needs to be performed, it is best to have this accomplished quickly.

2. Broken components can be a fire and health hazard

Broken air conditioning components, like failing compressors and fan controls or corroding wires and terminals, will not only raise electric bills but also the risk of danger to people in the household. A malfunctioning system does not provide fresh, cool air and can even lead to a risk of fire or electrical damage. If a system is experiencing any type of component malfunction, seeking an air conditioning repair service quickly is wise.

3. Clogged filters can lead to unhealthy air circulating throughout the home

Clogged and dirty air filters can inhibit the function of an HVAC system, as well as cause odors and poor quality air for breathing. An air conditioning system functions best when the air filters are changed once a month. This keeps the entire system clean, elongates the life of the system, provides the people in the home with allergen-free air conditioning and reduces high electric bills caused by an overworked system. 

4. Refrigerant leaks can cause warm air to flow through the house and electric bills to go sky-high

Refrigerant leaks are another common problem HVAC users see. Most air conditioning systems require liquid refrigerant. The refrigerant is responsible for creating cool air flow. If the system is low on refrigerant, the entire HVAC unit will not work properly. If the air conditioning system begins blowing out warmer air than normal rather than the fresh, cool air it should, leaking refrigerant is most likely the culprit. Without refrigerant, an air conditioning system has to work much harder to cool air. This may increase electric bills and put extra stress on your HVAC system as a whole. 

We can fix all these issues

These are only a few of the common repairs performed by our professional HVAC specialists. Scheduling regular maintenance on your HVAC system will reduce the likelihood of malfunction and ensure the most affordable energy costs possible. If you have not had your system inspected in a while or you believe it may be in need of maintenance, schedule an air conditioning repair today.

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