Call an Emergency Plumber if Your Pipe Bursts – What To Do Immediately

Posted on: April 16, 2018

An emergency plumber is the professional you need to call if you ever have a burst pipe. Pipes bursting are typically associated with the pipes freezing. However, a burst pipe can also be caused by age or even environmental issues like tree roots growing into the pipe. This means that even in warmer climates, every homeowner is at risk for a pipe bursting though fortunately, this rarely happens.

The key is knowing what to do in the event that it does. We recommend calling us for help right away. Until we arrive, there are a couple of things that one can do. Start by turning off the main water supply to the house. In these situations, it is critical to stop the flow of water. City water is typically in the street. There will be pipes running from the main water supply to the house to distribute water when necessary.

However, it is possible to turn off the flow of water. This generally involves turning a knob like you would when turning on the water for a hose. If it is difficult to locate, call us and we can provide specific suggestions for the location based on the age and type of property.

Run the water

Once the water supply to the house has been turned off it becomes important to drain any remaining water that is in the pipes so that future leaks can be lessened. An effective way to do this is to turn on all the faucets and only run cold water. Running hot water will not help because the hot water is inside the hot water tank.

When doing this, only turn on the cold water in sinks throughout the house. The water will stop running after draining the pipes.

Mop up the water

Try to mop up the water in the home as much as possible. Use towels, a mop that you can wring out and anything else possible to soak up the water. If the water is left in any area, do what you can to mop up the water to reduce the possibility of extensive interior water damage.

Open the windows and turn on the fans

It is important to dry the interior of the home as much as possible. Opening windows, turning on fans and turning up the heat can help to do so. Box fans at the local Wal-Mart can often do the trick. If the pipe bursting places significant water into the home, it may be necessary to hire a professional clean-up crew.

Warning about electrical

As an emergency plumber, we are also careful when it comes to standing water and electricity. If standing water is inside the home, there may be a danger for anyone in the property to get an electrical shock. In this case, turning off the main electricity to the house may be a good idea until a professional plumber visits the home and determines if there is a risk or not.

Call an emergency plumber

A pipe bursting is a serious issue that needs immediate repairs. We encourage any homeowner to call us right away so that we can come out and complete the repair.