Call in the Experts for a Slab Leak Repair or Water Contamination

Posted on: May 2, 2018

Being a homeowner comes with a slew of surprises like the need for a slab leak repair or possible water contamination. There is no way of knowing what problems could already exist within a plumbing system without the help of a plumber. Having piping and water inspected for issues could save you money in the future.

Any potential problems can be addressed to prevent bigger problems from developing. A few odd but surprisingly common plumbing complications that homeowners should be on the lookout for include:

Discolored water

This is a definite sign of a problem. Never drink discolored water or use it in cooking until a plumber visits to inspect potential issues. Discoloration typically means there is some type of debris in the water. Debris in the water can compromise the supply line, contaminate a well during a storm or from a crack/break. Pipe leak tests are necessary to evaluate any damage before recommending a solution.

Dead animal odor

Believe it or not, sometimes critters can find a way into the piping. In this situation, the animal typically cannot find a way out and dies in the pipe. Typically, this only occurs in drain pipes rather than supply lines. If a foul odor is present and coming from a drain, it is usually either backed up sewage, rotting debris or a dead animal. Thankfully a plumber can determine the issue and remove the culprit.

Slab leak

Most homeowners with a slab foundation probably do not give any thought to potential pipe leaks under the slab. In fact, they may not even be aware that there is piping below the slab. Unfortunately, slab leaks do occur. They are often a result of a ground shift, faulty insulation wrapping on hot water pipes or corroded copper pipes. Signs of a leak below a slab can include a damp carpet, warped floors, cracked or damp concrete, mold or the smell of mildew and/or puddling on the foundation/in the yard.

If there is a leak beneath the slab, immediate action is necessary. A plumber can inspect the area, find out a definite cause and provide a slab leak repair before the problem gets out of control.

P-trap clog

The p-trap is the u-shaped (p-shaped if you look horizontally) pipe under the kitchen sink. The purpose is to trap a bit of water that acts as a seal to prevent odors from rising up from the sewer or septic tank into the kitchen. It can also catch valuables like jewelry before they fall into the drain system and disappear forever.

In most cases, water and debris flush out of the p-trap with every use. However, there are times that a build-up of debris occurs. If the drain is slow or a bad smell is coming up from the drain, a plumber may need to remove it from the p-trap.

We can help you

If you find yourself facing one of these odd but common plumbing problems, schedule an appointment with a plumber today. From small issues like a p-trap clog to big issues like a slab leak repair, we can help.