Gas Leak Detection: Checking for Leaks in Your Home

Posted on: January 7, 2019

Gas leaks Lubbock, TX

Gas leaksGas leaks can be extremely scary and frustrating to deal with because they can prevent a lot of harmful risks. Having a home does mean that gas leaks may occur and they are hard to predict.

A gas leak can prevent an array of complications to a home and to the people that are living in the home. They can be deadly so it is very important to be aware of gas leaks and also knowing how to check for them.

Today we will discuss how to check for gas leaks in a home. Being able to detect gas leaks can be helpful later on down the line if you suspect that one has happened.

Gas leak detection: Checking for them within a home

Gas detectors

Having a gas detector can be beneficial to one’s home because it does exactly what it sounds – detects gas. Carbon monoxide detectors are the most common gas detectors because carbon monoxide is the most common harmful gas that can be exposed within a home.

Be sure to have carbon monoxide detectors placed within numerous spots in a home to ensure that everyone will hear it if it were to go off. They should be placed near appliances that may have a leak or on ceilings where hot air containing CO would rise.

Call a professional

There are professionals that people can call in order to have their homes examined carefully. These professionals can detect any gas leaks much quicker than that of the average person because they are trained to detect them. Most professionals also have strong equipment that can detect any present gases in the area.

Incense tests

A lot of people have incense within their homes. It is a common household item that people can actually use to detect whether or not there is a gas leak within the home. This test involves a person turning on the appliance that they want to test and then lighting in the incense next to the appliance. Once the incense is lit, the smoke will flow in a certain direction determining whether or not a leak is present. If the smoke blows away from the appliance then it indicates that there is a leak.

Gas leaks can be scary because they can present harmful environments to a home. Most gas leaks are dangerous and can hurt the people within the home. Being aware of what gas leaks are and how to detect them can help anyone who believes that one has occurred.

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