Why Gas Leak Detection Services Are Important

Posted on: April 15, 2016

Gas Leak DetectionWhether in the home or workplace, gas leak detection services are critical. Gas leaks are hazardous to your health and the safety and function of your home and workplace. Gas leaks can even cause liability concerns. We provide gas leak detection services that will reveal areas of concern before they grow into larger, more dangerous problems.

How Gas Leaks Occur

Leaks can easily occur due to loose or aged seals or connections, poor welding techniques, pinhole defects, rusting, and improper filtration systems. They can also be a result of incorrect equipment operation.

Why Gas Leaks Are Dangerous

Gas leak detection services are necessary mainly for health reasons. Combustible gases can start fires or cause explosions in homes and workplaces, injuring you, family members, friends, or workers. Gas leaks can also cause health issues in the long term from gradual exposure. Some gas leaks are even silent killers.

In addition to being dangerous for your well-being, gas leaks are threatening for your finances. Repairing damage caused by gas leaks can be expensive, time-consuming, frustrating, and can expose you to more detrimental substances. If you don’t have gas leak detection services to determine the origin of the problem, effects of the leak could occur again, costing you, even more, money.

Quality Gas Leak Detection Services

While there are methods that can be used by amateurs to detect gas leaks, these methods are not always tried and true. Not using a professional to check for gas leaks can lead to bigger problems in the future. Using store-bought tools to detect leaks can lead to false test results, and you and those around you could remain in danger without even realizing it until it is too late. If you have or use any of the following items or gases, you should schedule gas leak detection services today:

Items Gas Is Commonly Found in:

  • Water heaters
  • Furnaces
  • Gas logs, stoves, or other appliances
  • Gas tanks

Gases Used Commonly in Homes:

  • Propane
  • Natural gas
  • Butane

Gas Leak Detection in the Workplace

Gas leaks occur more commonly in the workplace than in homes in most cases. In order to eliminate personnel and property hazards, you should follow strict OSHA standards for gas leak detection to ensure everyone and everything are kept safe. Gas leaks can contaminate the work area, destroy materials and equipment, and cause workers to quit due to concern. In some cases, gas leaks equal higher energy costs. If the gas is leaking from a fuel system for machinery or power, it can cause the equipment to work too hard, resulting in more frequent repairs and higher gas costs.

In addition to providing physical gas leak detection services, we can also provide you with gas detectors for your workplace or home. Since many dangerous gases cannot be detected by scent, people are unknowingly exposed to damaging gases that can eventually or immediately cause harm to their minds and injury to their bodies. If you want to protect yourself and others, call to learn more about gas leak detection.