Introducing the Split System Air Conditioner

Posted on: September 5, 2018

split system air conditioner

Home comfort systems, often referred to as split system HVAC or split system air conditioning units, are an integral part of a comfortable home during cold winter or hot summer months. Also known for providing protection against pollutants and various allergens year round, numerous parts are intricately placed in strategic parts of commercial buildings and resident dwellings.

What makes the split system air conditioner so important? Why are many homes being outfitted with these units? Let us learn more about these innovative systems and how they efficiently deliver cool or warm air on demand.

Components of a split system air conditioner

Normally, there are five

Depending on the size of the unit, five components are typically placed throughout the home or building:

  • Outdoor units, which consist of an air conditioner or possibly a heat pump
  • An indoor unit, typically an air handler or furnace
  • An air quality component, normally a filtration system placed indoors
  • Ductwork that connects each unit and pushes conditioned air throughout the home or structure
  • A form of temperature control, often a programmable thermostat

Some systems will come with an additional solar module placed on the roof. Other systems may replace the filtration system with humidity control.

To further simplify the definition, central air units are the most popular type of split air conditioning systems, which are far more efficient than window or portable air conditioning units.

Costs, maintenance and other info

Long-term benefits are there

Efficiency and lower heating and cooling bills often persuade homeowners to shop around for better alternatives. With split system air conditioner units, expect both lower electricity consumption and longevity.

Maintenance, too, is much cheaper than older units. Normally, one replaces the filter inside their air handler each year and keeps their outside units cleaned, and that is it. When HVAC professionals must make repairs, it is usually to fans or to refill refrigerant. More serious repairs, such as changing out circuit boards or pulling motors, are rarer but possible when units are overused.

All told, the benefits of split system air conditioners are too great to pass up. Think of all you are spending on several window units for your home and how many you have purchased over three, five or 10 years. Most central air units will last 10 or more years with proper maintenance and normal use.

Where to find split system air conditioner units

Your HVAC pro knows

Start your search by locating an authorized dealer for whatever brand you wish to install. Or, if you are unsure which has the longest lifespan, your HVAC pro can guide you. Installation can take place in several days, depending on whether locations must be cleared and where ductwork must be placed.

Whichever route you choose, know that the money you will save on split units far surpasses what you will spend on portables over a lifetime. And that should be music to your ears.

Buying an efficient split system air conditioner will make a world of difference in hot and cold seasons. Discover what an HVAC tech in Lubbock has in store for your home by phoning (806) 783-8318 or visit us at when you are ready to make that investment.