Reasons to Upgrade Your Commercial HVAC System

Posted on: January 16, 2018

Have you been considering an upgrade to your commercial HVAC system? If so, now is an excellent time to pull the trigger. With the new year upon us, this is the right time to begin charting out goals and objectives for the year, including making those long put off upgrades to your building. These upgrades should include those to the HVAC system since it is directly responsible for how comfortable or uncomfortable your employees and customers feel. In fact, it is best to have these conversations now, before the weather begins to warm up again.

Reasons to upgrade a commercial HVAC system

Anyone who is on the fence about whether or not to upgrade their system should consider the following benefits:

# 1. A new model could save money

Older HVAC systems are notorious for using a lot of energy. This directly impacts the company's bottom line by forcing it to spend more money. Upgrading the unit can help to reduce the space and energy used, thereby saving money. Reducing this is a direct cost savings that can continue to be a benefit over time and help to offset the initial investment made into a new unit.

#2. New units are smaller and quieter

Installing a new commercial HVAC system can benefit the work and business environment. They are typically much quieter which means that overall background noise will be reduced. They are also smaller which can free up additional space for things like storage. This can be a direct benefit to workers and customers who frequently visit a business, especially when it comes to noise reduction.

#3. A new system can keep a steady temperature

One of the biggest complaints we hear about existing HVAC systems is their inability to reach the right temperature or keep the right temperature. This can lead to the building being too hot during certain times and too cold during others. This level of fluctuation can lead to an incredible amount of frustration for employees and for customers. When people are uncomfortable in their work environment or in the business they are visiting, they are unlikely to enjoy their time there, leading to potential consequences when it comes to things like revenue or employee satisfaction. Therefore, upgrading a commercial HVAC system can directly benefit a business and their financial objectives. If this is a concern, we can come out and discuss options for replacing the unit or we can start by exchanging the thermostat to see if that solves the problem.

Schedule an appointment to learn more about the options

Now is an excellent time to schedule an appointment with our office so that we can come out and discuss options for replacing a commercial HVAC system or making upgrades to it through preventative maintenance. If, for example, we feel that the existing unit would function better with minor upgrades, we can make that recommendation. Otherwise, we will move forward with discussing replacement plans. Learn more about these options by calling us today.