Kitchen Vent: Cleaning and Care Tips

Posted on: October 16, 2018

A fully functional kitchen vent is an essential part of any kitchen. This is particularly correct if you constantly cook heavily and generate lots of smoke. A vent hood, also called a range hood, is available in different designs, sizes, styles and features. Regardless of the unique differentiating factors, cleaning and caring for your vent is the same across different products.

Knowing how to clean and maintain your kitchen vent is necessary to keep it in good condition and ensure it performs its functions of cleaning your kitchen of grease and smoke.

Detecting vent issues

There are vital signs that signal inefficient performance of your vent. It is normal for the vent hood to deteriorate over time due to grease accumulation or normal wear from regular use. Pay attention to the following signs to know when it is time to repair or perform maintenance.

  1. Smoke-filled kitchen when the vent hood is on highest setting: If this occurs, it could mean that the duct on the vent is blocked or filled with grease. The fan may not be working correctly because of a worn-out or greasy motor. Also, the issue could be that the air filter needs replacement.
  2. Humming or noisy motor: If the motor is making strange noises, it is probably due for a cleaning. It could be hitting an object restricting its correct function. This issue could also mean that the motor needs replacement.
  3. Broken button or lights: This could be an electrical issue and traceable to the control board of the vent. This issue usually needs expert attention.

Cleaning the air filter

The air filter cleans particles and smoke from the air before sending it outside the house. The two types of filters, metal and charcoal, can be detached for cleaning or replacement.

For a metal filter, remove and place it in a container filled with sufficient degreasing substance to submerge the filter. When the grease has dissolved, wash the filter carefully with warm, soapy water. Ensure it dries completely before reinserting it.

Charcoal filters have a similar removal process, but they cannot be cleaned. The best option is to replace them yearly or when they become inefficient.

Cleaning the range hood

Before cleaning, ensure the unit is switched off and the stovetop is cold and switched off. You can use any home cleaning spray or degreaser without abrasives. Try to avoid spraying the liquid on the light bulb or other electrical parts.

Cleaning the vent

Examine the vent that runs from the hood to outside regularly. Grease can accumulate on the vent and impair its function or even cause a fire disaster. Call a professional immediately to have the vent cleaned.


To check if the vent is working correctly, cut a small piece of newspaper and place it above the vent. If the vent attracts the paper and traps it, then the vent hood is working properly.

Final note

Every kitchen vent has a particular model number. If you encounter difficulty with maintenance, try searching for the model number of the unit to learn about the common issues with that specific model.

By following these tips, you will be able to keep your vent functional for a long time and keep your kitchen clean and smoke-free.

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