How Often Should Air Filters be Changed?

Posted on: October 16, 2018

One of the more neglected home maintenance tasks for many is changing the HVAC filter, although it is very important to do so.

By knowing when to replace HVAC air filters, you can save a lot of money and time on appliance repairs and utility costs.

When to replace HVAC air filters

So how often is often enough when it comes to changing HVAC air filters? Unfortunately, there is not a simple answer that fits every situation.

The following is a general guideline on when to change the HVAC filter depending on personal circumstances.

General recommendation

In the event there are not any young children in the household, there are not any large pets that live indoors and shed hair often and the home is well insulated, it is recommended to change the HVAC air filter every 90-100 days .

In the absence of pets or other factors that could compromise the function of an HVAC air filter, there is little concern about the effectiveness of the filer and its ability to last for a long time without experiencing issues, especially if there are not any children who rely on a clean air supply.

HVAC filters with pets

Pets can have a significant impact on the lifespan of an HVAC air filter, causing the filter to become flooded with dirt and pet hair. When this occurs, the HVAC air filter does not function properly and can even release the dirt and debris back into the air, which leads to health concerns inside the home.

When a pet or multiple pets are inside the home, it is important to change the HVAC filter every two months or 60 days to avoid flooding the air with odor and dirt and causing utility costs to skyrocket.

HVAC filters with children

Children do not necessarily do anything to jeopardize the lifespan of an HVAC air filter, but they do rely on clean air more than adults. Without clean indoor air, they are more prone to getting sick or simply not being able to breathe as freely.

In the event children live inside the home, it is highly encouraged to change HVAC air filters more often. For best practice, it is safe to change HVAC air filters every two months; however, it is important to check HVAC filters for issues periodically.

HVAC filters with pets and children

It is incredibly important to change HVAC filters in the event pets and children both live inside the home. When this occurs, HVAC filters are more prone to getting clogged with dirt and debris, which dirties the air. Subsequently, the children inside the home are required to breathe in the air, putting them at risk of poor health.

When both pets and children are present, it is important to change HVAC filters at least once every 30-45 days, preferably a minimum of once a month. However, each home is different, and it is important to keep an eye on HVAC filters for any problems throughout each month.

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