The Difference Between Air Conditioner Repair vs Replace

Posted on: September 16, 2018

During hot summer months, nothing matters more to families than having working air conditioners. These may be window units, central air units or portables. As with any piece of machinery, you will need to perform regular maintenance to assure optimal performance. Unfortunately, some units will not last forever, meaning you will eventually need to invest in replacements. Today, we will discuss the difference between air conditioner repair vs replace, and when to know the difference.

Replacing air conditioners

Pay attention to this

Given the lifespan of most central air units (10-15 years) versus how long window units may last (four years and up), replacement depends more on your financial situation and home size than anything. So, to make your decision easier, consider this: Multiply the quoted cost for repairing your unit by the age of your unit. If that figure is comparatively less than buying something new, just repair. If repairs equal more than replacing, buy new.

Actual costs to repair are obviously indicative of location, extent of repair needed and current price of parts. Recharging refrigerant liquid will often cost less than replacing circuit boards or fan motors.

Repairing in today’s manufacturing world

It is more difficult than you would believe

Bearing the expense of repairing your air conditioner may not work for everyone, especially if you are using an older unit that uses R-22 refrigerant. Conservative estimates put refills at $90, if you can find someone who supplies it. Most modern units have switched to R-410a due to its eco-friendly build.

Another distinction when deciding whether an air conditioner repair vs replace is what needs to be replaced. Are energy bills skyrocketing? Is ductwork too old? The "little things" we never see often cause the largest problems in air conditioning units, but it takes a thorough inspection to uncover these issues. When outdoor temperatures reach unbearable heights, air conditioning units work harder. And like any machine, the harder it works, the lower lifespan one can expect from their unit.

All told, so many variables come into play that using the aforementioned formula makes sense.

Always get second opinions

Here is why.

Many repairmen exist locally to every U.S. consumer, all with varying educations and methods of fixing AC units. Second opinions should always be secured when you are on the fence about repairing or replacing your air conditioner. Prices may remain constant, but at least you will verify the accuracy of each repairman’s statements. If two assessments are miles apart, call two additional repairmen to determine which two or three closely mirror each other.

Bear in mind that expenses will always include parts and labor and may have upcharges for emergency service. Replacing air conditioners will include the unit itself, any wiring that needs running, new ductwork, interior work and expenses associated with the removal of the old unit. Leveraging costs of air conditioner repair vs replace may dissuade people from going with central air units, and they may opt for window units instead.

The decision is tough for many families, the reason you will need to get another opinion when it comes time to repair or replace your air conditioner or whether your home is large enough to purchase several portable units to cut down on electric bills.

Knowing the difference between air conditioner repair vs replace is what your Wolfforth AC repair company can educate you on. Keep up with AC news at or call today at (806) 783-8318.